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Energy Storage = Energy Cost Reduction

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​​​Energy Project service Review

 and evaluate your best practices and recommend improvements Including Energy storage with Tesla, Samsung or Panasonic batteries.  we implement software and storage with green charge.  there is absolutely no cost associated with installation or management.  we only share the savings with your corporation or industry.


​​​​​​​ After performing your site survey we analyze your Utility rate plan including demand charge, time of use and determine ways to reduce your energy cost,  energy storage, ENERGY MANAGEMENT  and solar electric SYSTEMS 


​       Demand Reduction                               ENERGY PROJECT SERVICE 



 The Problem

Every month, many commercial electricity users pay 50% or more of their electric bill in demand charges. These so-called “demand charges” reflect the peak electricity use during a given period. Residential power users only pay for the electricity they consume, which is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). However, businesses and institutions pay for both the kWh they use and for the highest amount of power they consume at any one time, which is measured in kilowatts (kW).

Demand charges exist because utilities are required to maintain a vast array of expensive equipment on constant standby in order to meet sudden surges of electrical demand from large energy users. This equipment includes multi-million dollar assets such as transformers, wires, and substations. Utilities pass on the cost of this equipment to businesses and institutions in the form of demand charges.

The Solution

The GreenStation reduces demand charges through counteracting the peaks and valleys of a building’s variable energy use by discharging from and charging up its batteries at key moments. This flattens the spikes in power usage, which reduces your demand charges by up to 50%. This is an easy way to save on your electric bill without turning off any equipment or changing building occupant behavior.





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We performed aN overall site survey At no cost related to all aspects of your energy consumption.  we work together with  your utility and capture your last 24 months of energy usage. YOU PAY NOTHING, TAKE ON NO RISK, AND WE SHARE THE SAVINGS.